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In a world of demanding challenges, Piab Group offers solutions

We are inventors and curious explorers, finding opportunities in the unknown. We are engineers and entrepreneurs, believing in an automated world because we care about people. We are continuously striving to improve for the better, driving the industrial evolution for the benefit of everyone.

Since the start, we have focused our energy on where we can make a difference, developing an automated world where no resources are wasted and no humans are injured.

Our knowledge, products, and solutions have always been in demand, encouraging us to continue to improve customers’ productivity, sustainability, and safety through evolving industrial automation.

To be able to deliver the most pioneering and reliable products, we grow both organically and by acquisitions.

We combine the strength of our existing team with the diversity of ideas and experiences from our new talents. The result is an organization with team players, forward thinkers, and committed doers. Together all of us in our own way contribute to and are responsible for, our success.


Our purpose is to evolve automation, but we don’t settle with that. We strive to evolve everything.

Each other.

Our customers.

And, in the end, the world around us.

Join our global community of committed explorers and be the driving force behind a more automated and sustainable world.

Join us in shaping the future

With global presence in over 100 countries and more than 1200 employees, we're making a difference in various sectors, including Food & Beverage, Automotive, Batteries, Packaging, Logistics & Warehousing, E-commerce, Electronics, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical industries, and Additive Manufacturing. 

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Evolving ourselves

We hold the conviction that our employees should be empowered to excel at their optimum pace and be allowed to grow in the direction most suited for them to realize their full potential.

Evolving your business

We are committed to taking care of your business resources, regardless of whether they are people, processes, or products.

Evolving automation

We offer cutting-edge industrial automation solutions designed to improve your productivity, sustainability, and safety. We ensure you have the most advanced, reliable, and efficient technology to boost your bottom line.

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