Leading with AI: Transforming Operations and Culture at Piab Group

Peter Laurin, CEO, together with Charlotte Demangel and Isabel Furtenbach from Marketing & Communication.

In an era characterized by rapid technological evolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a pivotal force reshaping industries and redefining the paradigms of work. At Piab Group, AI transcends its role as a mere efficiency tool; it is a strategic pillar that propels us toward innovation, enhances our competitive edge, and aligns seamlessly with our core values of Explore, Commit, and Lead. 

Strategic Embrace of AI at Piab Group

Under the visionary leadership of Peter Laurin, CEO, and Girish Agarwal, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Piab Group has embraced AI not just to streamline operations but to fundamentally enhance how we engage with and deliver value to our customers. This strategic adoption is driven by a commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking mindset that seeks to anticipate and fulfill the evolving needs of the market.

Charlotte Demangel and Isabel Furtenbach sat down with Girish Agarwal and Peter Laurin to discuss the AI transformation at Piab Group:

Piab Group believes AI's immediate benefit has a dual focus - Efficiency and Relevance. Peter Laurin elaborates on the dual focus of our AI strategy: 

"Efficiency is crucial, as it enhances our operational capabilities. But equally important is our relevance to customers. We are ensuring our products are self-configurable and crafted using the most advanced material sciences. AI helps us achieve both by enabling smarter, faster, and more customer-centric solutions." 

Girish Agarwal continues and details the foundational pillars of the AI strategy.

Digital Leadership: "We aim to embed a data-driven culture within Piab. We are rolling out extensive AI training to demystify the technology and deepen our team's expertise. This is about empowering every Piab Group employee with the knowledge to leverage AI effectively." This initiative is aimed at bolstering our capacity as digital leaders in the industry.

Operational Integration: "AI integration goes beyond mere automation; it's about enhancing the precision and efficiency of our operations. This strategic integration helps us reduce manual labor and focus our talents on innovation and creativity."

Technological Exploration: “We are committed to continuously exploring and incorporating new technologies. This ongoing initiative ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of innovation, constantly updating our tech portfolio to meet future demands.”

Girish continues: “Pixie, our AI-powered personal assistant, stands as a prime example of our innovative approach. It has significantly transformed internal operations at Piab Group, assisting with tasks ranging from helping write pitches, providing value argumentation, drafting emails, translating, and enhancing text to providing insights into Piab Group products, thereby boosting the productivity of our employees. 

Widespread Adoption and Impact

"The integration of Pixie has been met with a lot of success," notes Peter Laurin. "Achieving an 80% adoption rate among our employees within just eight months is a testament to its efficacy. Pixie is not just a tool; it's become a daily partner in our workflow, enhancing decision-making and efficiency across the board." 

Cultivating AI Literacy

"We believe that understanding and effectively utilizing AI is crucial for all employees," says Girish Agarwal. "Twenty-five years ago, we trained employees on office software; today, we focus on AI literacy. Ensuring our team is equipped for the future is not just about keeping pace with technology—it's about leading the charge." 

Setting Future Goals: Adoption, Reliability, and Impact

Looking forward, Piab Group has outlined ambitious goals for Pixie, focusing on: 

Adoption: "Our aim is 100% usage among our staff," Peter Laurin states. "We want every employee not just using PIXIE but mastering it to enhance their productivity." 

Reliability: "We are dedicated to continually enhancing Pixie's functionality," adds Girish Agarwal. "Every update and improvement in Pixie is driven by user feedback and our pursuit of excellence." 

Results: "We are focused on quantifying the return on investment from Pixie," says Peter Laurin. "This isn’t just about validating our direction; it’s about understanding how deeply AI can impact our operations and profitability. I believe that artificial intelligence is probably the biggest game changer, the biggest technology leap that we will see, at least in my career or lifetime."


For Piab Group, AI is more than a technological adoption—it is a cornerstone of both strategy and corporate culture. We are not merely adopting AI; we are actively cultivating a culture of innovation and autonomy. Peter Laurin and Girish Agarwal are committed to promoting a culture of innovation within Piab Group, where employees are encouraged to express themselves, experiment, and take initiatives, recognizing their significant role in the company's evolution. By enabling our employees to harness the full potential of AI, Piab Group is redefining industry standards and ensuring our position at the forefront of technological innovation in automation.

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