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Innovation at the Core

Published 5/29/2024

At Piab Group, innovation isn't just a popular phrase; it's the driving force behind our mission to evolve automation for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable world. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond developing cutting-edge vacuum technology and gripping solutions. We embrace a holistic approach that includes a customer-centric innovation process, and a culture that fosters creative thinking and continuous improvement.

Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Our R&D department, including the VA, LA & VC teams, is the beating heart of Piab Group, where ideas are transformed into reality, proofed by customers. With a focus on Industry 4.0, our R&D teams work tirelessly to develop solutions that address the evolving needs of industries such as e-commerce logistics, food, pharma, automotive, and more. By emphasizing the simplification of the vacuum conveying process, enhancing reliability, and minimizing down-time during component changes such as suction cups or material swaps in vacuum conveyors, we ensure that our products are not only innovative but also user-friendly and efficient.

Our R&D teams stay ahead by closely monitoring industry trends, engaging in continuous learning, and actively participating in industry forums and partnerships with academic institutions. Collaboration with customers for real-world insights, feedback and testing is crucial. This approach allows us to anticipate market needs beyond what has been expressed and develop innovative solutions that address future challenges.

This week, our R&D teams showcased their innovative advancements by hosting an exciting open house and exhibition at the R&D Labs at our HQ in Danderyd. Colleagues from across the HQ were invited to gain the latest insights from our various product divisions. The event featured dynamic demos and presentations covering a wide range of topics, including additive manufacturing, pumps, suction cups, electrical vacuum, AI, prototyping, automotive, and robotics. With a clear sustainability focus, the event also highlighted our commitment to developing eco-friendly solutions that reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices. This successful and inspiring event truly highlighted the pride we take in our R&D efforts at Piab Group.

Cultivating an Innovation Ecosystem 

The spirit of innovation infuses every level of Piab Group, supported by initiatives designed to foster a culture of creativity and experimentation. Our internal innovation competition, piDEA, empowers employees to contribute ideas that can transform the industry, regardless of their department or role. Additionally, we invest in continuous learning and development programs to nurture the talents of our team, ensuring that innovation continues to thrive within our company.

With a clear sustainability focus, we prioritize ideas and projects that aim to reduce our environmental footprint and drive sustainable growth. This year’s edition saw an overwhelming response, with 89 ideas spanning products, processes, and solutions, contributed by employees from all four divisions  and from the Group functions!

Looking Ahead: A Vision for the Future

 As we look to the future, Piab Group remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in automation and vacuum. Our main goals are to further enhance automation's efficiency and flexibility, making processes smarter and more adaptable with sustainability at the core of our innovation efforts.

Our passion for innovation, coupled with our vision for the future, ensure that we continue to lead the way in developing solutions that exceeds the evolving needs of our customers and the planet. At Piab Group, we are excited to continue leading this evolution, today and in the years to come.

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