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Piab Group's AI Day in Stockholm

Published 6/10/2024

AI. Brilliant Insights, Powerful Impacts.

On June 10th, Piab Group's AI Day in Stockholm brought together top industry minds to explore the transformative power of AI. Moderated by Peter Laurin and Kajsa Blixth, the event was a vibrant exchange of inspiration and knowledge-sharing on AI's impact on productivity, automation, robotics, and society.

During the event, we delved into real-world AI applications, future trends, and the challenges and opportunities in the AI era. Key insights and strategies were shared, focusing on avoiding common pitfalls and understanding what makes us human in an AI-driven world.

The event featured experts from renowned organizations such as Atlas Copco, Stena Fastigheter, H2 Green Steel, Ericsson, ABB, Permobil, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, EY Doberman, Tetra Pak, and Sana. 

We were happy to have exceptional speakers, including Melker Duberg, Peter Mikulic, Olof Hernell, Elena Fersman, Niclas Sjöstrand, Peter Jidesjö, Michael Welle, Anastasia Varava, Olov Andersson, Julia Lundberg, Petter Winberg, Lisa Lindström, Anders Andren, Joel Hellermark, and Amirah Parman. 

Special thanks to our dedicated organizing team for making this event a success!

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