Vacuum Automation

Global leader in industrial vacuum technology

The Vacuum Automation Division is a global provider of superior vacuum technology to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency in all industrial sectors.

With a combination of standardized products and custom line solutions, we can meet any process requirement for a secure work environment with minimal energy consumption and material waste.

Our products and solutions are found across the globe in sectors such as food & beverage, automotive, battery production, logistics and warehousing, packaging, wood, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more.

To deliver the perfect fit for each customer we represent a multitude of brands as of below. 


Piab is the global leader in vacuum-driven products and solutions for specific needs of various industries supporting customers to enhance their productivity, sustainability and safety.

With our smart products we are contributing to the shift to Industry 4.0 by increasing the degree of full automation in the manufacturing industry as well as in packaging, logistics & warehousing, food & beverage, battery manufacturing, automotive and other sectors.




Kenos® is a top brand for flexible large-area vacuum grippers, ideal for applications such as palletizing and processed wood.

Kenos® grippers can be equipped with integrated or separate vacuum generation and may be used as end-of-arm-tools (EOAT). The integrated generator, Piab’s multi-stage COAX® ejector, is energy-efficient and easily maintained. 



Joulin is a leader in heavy-duty vacuum gripping solutions - from simple standard foam vacuum grippers for palletizing to complete turnkey custom stackers for raw wood materials. 

With a range of gantry robots equipped with foam grippers the picking of single products or partial and complete layers, of random lengths and widths, are easily facilitated without human interference



Coval independently designs, manufactures, and distributes high-performance vacuum automation components and systems widely used in a multitude of industrial applications.

The main objective is to be a close business partner and a solutions provider who can resolve any client's day-to-day problems and, through sincere commitment, improve efficiency and productivity. 


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