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Meet our latest innovation at Piab Group, our co-worker Pixie. Pixie uses all the enterprise knowledge of our products, services, solutions, and internal processes, combined with Generative AI Large Language Models. More than 1200 internal employees utilize Pixie in their day-to-day work to write customer value propositions, draft partner emails, compare products, and take action.

Smart products

We have embarked upon this journey for many years with a lot of smart products supporting Industry 4.0 We can refer to our smart pumps, etc. which are capable of generating and capturing continuous data streams.

Connectivity solutions

We understand the challenge within the traditional industrial manufacturing sector to embed connectivity solutions for multiple reasons. But we believe in the power of data and hence take this challenge head-on, as we believe that with leadership comes great responsibilities as well. We are embedding more and more connectivity solutions into our products and offerings. For example, with the latest launch of a connected conveyer, our users can not only remote control the conveyers but also monitor and update the configurations and features like filter-shock, etc. The connected tool-kit for our vacuum pumps allows our customers to push the settings in real-time, based on the application in use reducing the implementation time drastically.

piDIGITAL Platform

We have an in-house developed public cloud-based, state-of-the-art secure platform operating with open RESTful APIs. This platform helps us to drive internal and external innovation using the micro-services-oriented architecture. The platform acts as a big-data store for all our enterprise and digital data, enabling avenues for us to create solutions that our customers need in an MVP (minimal viable product) fashion in a few weeks.

Smart Services

Leveraging the piDIGITAL platform and ongoing discussions with customers and partners, we continuously identify opportunities to develop new services. Our goal is to challenge the status quo and provide innovative offerings like software subscriptions, service offers, and monitoring services. For instance, our 'Delight' service allows customers to manage a fleet of assets online, access full traceability data, and purchase spare parts and accessories via eCommerce.

Digital Research & Innovation

Together with commercial go-to-market offerings utilizing digital capabilities, we also understands and believe in the value-driven by research in the core and applied areas. We are continuously part of many research programs with different universities within Sweden (KTH, Chalmers, Linkoping, Uppsala, etc.) and abroad (Denmark, Germany, etc.). Funded and supported by VINNOVA and WASP A few examples of the research project areas include the future of material sciences, production 2030, and pricing techniques in digital services.

What keeps us on our toes is the curiosity to learn.

Hence we are always on a watch out to find an opportunity to collaborate.We are currently actively looking out for collaborations within the below areas:

-  If you are our existing or potential customer and would like to co-create a solution for the market with us

-  If you are a startup with an innovative technology that can make a difference in the industry

-  If you are our existing or a probable vendor to Piab, providing technology/services, and would like to partner in building future digital solutions

-  If you are a student and looking for opportunities to conduct an internship, master's thesis, or even an industrial Ph.D.

-  If you are Looking for a job with a company with an entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

If our efforts and work on digital innovations excite you and you associate with any of the above, please get engaged!

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