Our purpose is Evolving Automation

We operate in Industrial Technology, characterized by its focus on automation, robotics, connectivity, AI, and real-time data.

The industrial technology sector is currently undergoing high transformation and growth.


We are a global leader in vacuum technology, advancing industrial automation. Our strategy
is to expand into adjacent segments from this position of strength in the coming years.


We believe this will be realized by being the industry thought leader, providing world-class products with unprecedented performance, enhancing our deeply rooted hardware strength with software know-how and by being data-driven and embracing disruptive technologies like AI.


We truly care about our employees and the environment while driving efficiency and sustainable profitable growth with the ability to invest in R&D and M&A.

Evolving ourselves

We hold the conviction that our employees should be empowered to excel at their optimum pace and be allowed to grow in the direction most suited for them to realize their full potential.

Evolving your business

We are committed to taking care of your business resources, regardless of whether they are people, processes, or products.

Evolving automation

We offer cutting-edge industrial automation solutions designed to improve your productivity, sustainability, and safety. We ensure you have the most advanced, reliable, and efficient technology to boost your bottom line.

Mission, vision, and values

Our mission, higher purpose, vision, and values guide our business going forward. They provide continuity and stability in an ever-changing market and a volatile world.

What we do

We provide vacuum automation components and end-of-arm tools for gripping, powder and bulk material handling, and semi-automated smart lifting aids.

Our mission

Improving our customers' productivity, sustainability, and safety through evolving industrial automation.

Our vision

An automated world where no resources are wasted and no humans are injured.

Our values

We are curious explorers. We lead and find opportunities in the unknown.

We focus our energy on where we can make a difference. 
We do what we say. We are evolving ourselves, evolving our customers, and evolving automation. ​​​​​​​

Together, we are evolving the world. 

COMMIT means to take responsibility, to do what we say we should do, to keep our promises, and to be true to our values.

EXPLORE means to be curious, to dare, to be open to new things, to show entrepreneurship, to innovate, and to try new ways

LEAD means to have a sense of urgency, to be at the forefront, to act as a role model, to show the way, to focus, to have the perseverance to remain in the front, to do the right things, to have the courage to make decisions and to act.

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