Our Organizational Structure Enhances our Contribution to You

Our organizational structure is segmented into distinct product divisions, a strategy that greatly enhances our product development process. This divisional approach allows us to maintain a close connection with the market and understand the specific requirements of every challenge more accurately.

Moreover, this division-based operation enables us to provide customer support that's specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each division's target market.

By adopting this structure, we are better equipped to react swiftly to shifts in market conditions and distribute resources in a more efficient manner.

Vacuum Automation

Piab Group’s Vacuum Automation Division (VA) is a global leader in industrial vacuum technology, providing innovative products and solutions to improve productivity, resource efficiency, and safety. 

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Lifting Automation

Piab Group’s Lifting Automation Division (LA) is a global leader in driving solutions supporting companies evolving from manual handling.

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Vacuum Conveying

The Vacuum Conveying Division of Piab Group (VC) provides powder handling solutions based on the cutting-edge vacuum conveyors that move powders, granules, and small parts from one process step to the other in a production line.  

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China Division

Piab Group’s China Division is the only geographical division and operates as an integral part of the company's extensive network, catering to the unique needs of the Chinese market.

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